LCD not bright anymore?† No problem!† This 30 minute fix will get your factory Grand Prix radio display back to new.† Scroll down for LED replacement guide.

Start by removing the radio from your car.† Once you have it in your possession, there are 8 plastic tabs that hold the front bezel to the metal chassis.† Pry them gently with a screwdriver, but be careful not to break them off.
Pull the faceplate with the circuit boards attached forward just enough to disconnect the two ribbon cables.† The cables will pull straight out by grasping the plastic connector and wiggling it a little bit from side-to-side to loosen them.
Once the faceplate is free, you can see the bottom of the backlight bulb.† Using a flat blade screwdriver, rotate the bulb base 90į anti-clockwise and the bulb will lift straight out.
Here is the factory bulb.† The glass needs to be removed from the base, and a new bulb soldered in itís place.† A suitable replacement can be found at your local Radio Shack store.

Acceptable part numbers are:
272-1154 (Slightly dimmer)
Reassembly is the reverse order.† Check to be sure that your new bulb does not generate too much heat, or the plastic diffuser behind the LCD display could melt.

Alternately, you can use a bright 5mm LED in place of the bulb.† If your LED has a clear body, sand it to opaque to diffuse the light.
Solder 2 wires to the top side circuit board where the bulb base contacts are.† I anchored the wires to the board with double-sided foam tape.
I anchored them to the IC body again using foam tape and a zip tie.† The LED leads are bent to aim the LED at the back of the LCD display diffuser.† Use a 690-Ohm resistor to cut the current.† Be sure to check the polarity of the LED.† I have seen the bulb contacts wired both ways with the radios I have here, so youíll need to determine this ahead of time with a meter so the LED is not damaged.